REAL KINGS is incorporated in Tokyo, Japan and is inspired by Japanese and American Culture. Our idea is to provide the best quality product with a design that means more than just looks. Our Goal is to provide fashion that will fit the modern day kings of this generation.

1935Our first factory manufacturing hats was established in Tokyo Tokyo
1949We founded a joint-stock company called “Yuwa Shokai” for business expansion
1957We reorganized “Yuwa Shokai” to a limited company named “Miyako Seibou”.
1970Built a new factory especially for knit caps in Ibaraki Prefecture
1976Established “Romco Corp.” to further expand the business, producing clothing for Sanrio
1983Our company started producing hats in South Korea and Taiwan.
1985Produced caps for Asics Japan in South Korea and Taiwan
1990Established Sunshine Sports Products Ltd., a joint venture manufacturing clothing products for Japanese companies
1991Built a new knit hat factory in the Philippines for brands such as Asics, Phenix, North Face, Killy, Benetone and Broner that was sold in Japan
1991Established a joint venture company in Guangzhou, China and started production of baseball caps for Japanese companies
1994Began as a contract manufacturer for sportswear and hats in China
1997Managed production for UNIQLO in Korea, Taiwan, China
2002Established the FCT Hat Factory, a joint venture in the Philippines producing clothing for Tokyo Disneyland
2006We built Head Turner Corp. in the Philippines selling Disney and Tom & Jerry character products in the Philippine market
2009We created the SSP HONG KONG to cater for small batch production
2013We founded the REAL KINGS brand making quality caps and shirts for the US and Japan market.